vancouver chinese new years

Vancouver Chinese New Year 2019 溫哥華的春節

What is the Spring Festival
The Chinese New Year is now popularly known as the Spring Festival. it is not a fixed day of the Gregorian calendar. Chinese New Year in 2019 is on Tuesday, the 5th of February. Every year has a zodiac animal. 2019 is the year of the pig. The Spring Festival is the biggest Chinese holiday. According to one ancient Chinese legend, the “Year” is a beast. it is called Nian (年). However, People know the weakness of the “year beast”, fear of sound, fear of red, fear of fire, and no neat environment, so people put red couplets and door gods poster at the gate. The most fireworks are set off mid night after the new year eve.The next day, people were fortunate to defeat the “year beast”, so they played the drums and yelled “congratulations”, which is the origin of “New Year”. ..
Know more the Spring Festiva

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